Lyndon B. Johnson Natl. Historical Park

As the brochure says, this park has two districts. One in Johnson City where his boyhood home is located, the other in Stonewall, TX. where the LBJ Ranch is located.

The Johnson Settlement has some 1800’s restored structures that was once headquarters for a large cattle business, started by LBJ’s grandfather, Sam Ealy Johnson.

The trees located on this property are incredible!

LBJ Ranch is a large, 1571 acre cattle ranch located near Stonewall, TX. It was designated a National Historic Landmark May 23rd, 1966. LBJ spent about 20% of his time in office here. It’s called the Texas Whitehouse.

The Texas Whitehouse, where the mat at the front door once read, “All are Welcome Here.”

He used a large runway on the ranch to come and go. Five JetStar aircraft were used at the ranch.

President Johnson jokingly referred to this type of jet as “Air Force One-Half”

When visiting, you get a sense of what life was like for the president. This ranch was the place where he grew up, could escape the craziness of Washington, surround himself with friends and family, and work the land.

Across the Pedernales River from the ranch sits the LBJ State Park. It features the Sauer-Beckmann living history farm.

The Sauer family settled here in 1869, eventually having ten kids. One of those, Augusta, served as midwife at President Johnson’s birth. The Beckmann’s acquired the property in 1900. In 1966, it was sold to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept.

We enjoyed the day exploring these two parks. There’s lots to do here in Texas! Plus, the weather has been great! More exploring to come. Stay tuned.