Montana Summer Ends

Our summer stay here in Montana is coming to an end soon. Texas is on our radar for our next adventure. Jared and Sam, see you soon! The weather here is changing, bringing in cool temperatures with some frosty mornings. Seems a bit early for that, but then again, we’re in Montana!

Hanging out in Montana again this summer was fun. Our volunteer job at Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site was a pleasure. Everyone who works there makes it a really nice place to work. Thanks Julie, for the opportunity to volunteer at the ranch for the past two summers.

Camping trips are always included when here in Montana. On our off days, we camped in Harry’s Flat Campground. It’s situated along the Rock Creek River in Lolo National Forest. Fishing was a blast. So was relaxing by the crystal clear river.

Missouri Headwaters State Park is a beautifully maintained state park located near Three Rivers, MT. The Lewis and Clark expedition reached this fork in the river in 1805. They camped here to decide which way to continue. They chose to go up the Jefferson River. The Madison and the Gallatin Rivers also empty into this area, making it the headwaters of the Mighty Missouri River.

Madison Buffalo Jump State Park is a small day-use park with hiking and picnic spots. This high limestone cliff was used by Native Americans for thousands of years to stampede herds of bison off the cliff. They used this technique to supply them with enough buffalo to survive the long winters here. Every part of the buffalo was used for food, clothing, shelter and provisions.

Montana offers amazing sky’s and beautiful sunsets every evening. Lori keeps saying, “how many pictures are you gonna take”? I don’t know, millions?

8 thoughts on “Montana Summer Ends

  1. Happy Trails ……… we hate to see you go !!! We’re going to miss having you guys around. We had good times the past two summers – love to both of you


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