Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, AZ.

IMG_6933A U.S. Monument and UNESCO biosphere reserve, Organ Pipe Cactus N.M. is the only place in the US where organ pipe cactus grow wild.

IMG_6935Located in extreme southern Arizona, 95% of this beautiful park is declared a wilderness making it a great place to camp and hike.


The cactus that grow wild here in the park are huge.

We love to hike, and this place does not disappoint. The Sonoran Desert is alive with flora and many different types of cacti.IMG_7057

There are several mines located throughout the park, so we hiked to a couple of them.


A hike to Quitobaquito Spring offers sightings of waterfowl in the desert.


Our first night a cold front blew in and the temperature dipped to a chilly 28 degrees. We bundled up in our sleeping bags that evening and waited for the morning sun to rise and heat us and the desert. The weather was perfect for the rest of our time there. We camped for three nights, four days.


The sunsets were incredible every night.



Desert golden poppy