Camping Trips in Montana

We had the chance to go tent camping a couple of times. Our first trip was to Lost Creek State Park. IMG_9771

With gray limestone cliffs towering over 1,200ft high on both sides of us, our camp spot was perfectly located.IMG_5357IMG_9825

Lost Creek Falls, cascading 50ft.over the limestone, was an easy hike to view.IMG_5369

A beautiful trail north of the falls winds through the forest.IMG_9790

We just hiked to the bridge, crossing Lost Creek.IMG_9799

The water was cold and clear.IMG_9812


Our second trip was to Thompson Falls State Park. IMG_0079

This small state park is located right next to The Clark Fork River. IMG_0040

The temp. was well into the 90’s, making the river a refreshing place to escape the heat.IMG_0039

Our camp spot was located amongst the tall pines.IMG_0036

The falls are now damned up, producing electricity for the nearby communities and beyond.IMG_6741


A walking bridge crosses the water and goes to an island.IMG_6684



Lets Volunteer !

We’ve always talked about volunteering. Since we started traveling, our goal was to help at a National Park or similar place. Well, we are fortunate enough to have landed a volunteer position at Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site. For three months, working at the ranch has been tons of fun. We work three days, then have four days to explore the area in and around Deer Lodge, MT. IMG_9538

We greet visitors at the visitor center/ gift shop and give historic house tours. IMG_9624

IMG_9832 (2)

I somedays get to be a chuckwagon cook, talk about the duties of the cook and make cowboy coffee.IMG_E9944

We have learned a lot about the history of the ranch and Montana ranching.

It’s been a great experience, a beautiful place to volunteer and we’re looking forward to next year here.