Moab, UT.

While staying at Archview RV Resort just north of Moab, we had the pleasure of family joining us. My sister Kathy and her husband Randy brought their fifth wheel and four wheelers from Montana for a weeks visit. We had side by side sites and enjoyed each others company.IMG_8880

Our first adventure out on the 4 wheelers was Gemini Bridges trail. Its a nice, easy 4 wheel drive road to get used to the machines.IMG_8670

Having a blast along the way, we made it to Gemini Bridges. IMG_8630


IMG_4819 (1)-2

There was a little static in the air, and storm clouds were rolling in!IMG_8682

So, we put on our rain cloths and waited out the storm.


Our next road trip adventure was to Chicken Corners. We rented a side-by-side for the day, then headed over Hurrah Pass and onward……!IMG_5451


The trail was challenging but so much fun!


This section was easy





Randy had to move a small rock out of our way so we could proceed!


This was the view from Chicken Corners 

Another trail we tried to conquer was named Metal Masher. This one was a bit too tough for us rookies. Kathy and Randy helped us through the hard parts!IMG_8810





It’s not as easy as it looks!






We took a trail that leads to dinosaur tracks near the RV resort.IMG_8865



Another great day of 4 wheelin’ !

We spent a couple of hours hangin’ out around town.IMG_8858



This bridge, located in Lions Park, crosses the mighty Colorado River.


Thank you Kathy and Randy for joining us and making our Moab visit special. We had so much fun with you guys. Love Ya!IMG_5424


Arches National Park, UT.


At 77,000 acres, this park is much smaller than Canyonlands, but much busier! We entered the park early morning, therefore avoiding the long lines at the entrance gate. Once in the park, the paved roads made it easy to see some of the arches from the car. With over 2000 arches in the park, its the largest concentration of natural arches in the world. To really experience the true scale of these amazing formations, you need to hike!  IMG_4702

Devils Garden Trail led us to arches named, Double O, Navajo, Partition and Landscape.


Partition Arch


Landscape Arch


Navajo Arch


Double O Arch


Landscape is the longest arch, spanning 306 ft. from base to base.


Hiking on a fin to Double O Arch.

Hiking the Delicate Arch trail starts with a view of a rock art panel left behind by the Ute People.IMG_5688

The trail continues up slickrock, gaining 480 ft. with exposure to narrow, steep cliff drop-offs.IMG_8937

After about 1.5 miles, you get a view of the arch.IMG_8952

At 52 ft. tall, this free standing arch is the most recognized landmark in the park.IMG_5078

The Olympic torch relay for the 2002 Winter Olympics passed through this arch!




Seeing the vast canyons and rivers of Canyonlands, hiking the incredible trails inside Zion, observing the amazing power of erosion in Bryce, imagining the violent forces of movement within Capitol Reef and witnessing first hand the sheer size of the arches throughout Arches National Park, the Mighty Five National Parks of Utah left us in awe, and a yearning to return for more adventure!

Canyonlands National Park, UT.

IMG_8771This 338,000 acre park is a colorful canyon cut out by the Colorado and Green rivers with mesas, buttes, fins, spires and arches. The rugged landscape of this park is divided into districts; Island in the Sky, The Needles and The Maze. We spent all our time in Island in the Sky. The others are very  remote. There are no roads connecting them together. IMG_5526

Driving the 34 mile road on top of the mesa gives easy access to hiking trails and pullouts for viewing the spectacular scenery.IMG_5588

We hiked to Mesa Arch, Upheavel Dome and Grand View Point.



At 1200 ft. below, the White Rim is a bench made up of sandstone.


A trip to Island in the Sky would not be complete without a drive on The Shafer Trail Road. This 18 mile road has switchbacks and is extremely steep! I think this is the area where Thelma and Louise went over the cliff! It was defiantly an adventure and we’ll probably never drive it again. At least not in our Chevy Trax!IMG_5060

Canyonlands was amazing to see and experience. The sheer remoteness and ruggedness of the park leaves you awestruck!IMG_5549