Chicago, IL.

With almost 3 million residents, Chicago is the third most populous city in the US. It is a thriving, bustling city with many fun things to do. We are here to take care of our grandson, Luca while our daughter and son-in-law are in Europe for 10 days. So, our main focus is him. IMG_6338

He is such a good boy, making our time together very special.  56001402427__D284EDEA-95E3-4DEA-9EAB-89F4FEC654D3

While he’s in school, we get a chance to sightsee. IMG_6391







We’re having a great time here, enjoying every second with Luca.IMG_6539

Indiana Dunes State Park

Traveling towards Chicago, we stopped at this beautiful state park. Surrounded by Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore on all four sides, we hiked and camped in the park.IMG_6271  The campground has wooded sites with hiking trails that lead right to the shore.IMG_6231 (3)

Chicago is just 47 miles away.IMG_6263

The stairs lead to Mt. TomIMG_6245

Butterflies were everywhere near the dunes.

We’re glad that this area is well preserved and will be enjoyed for years to come.