Westcliffe, CO.

We finally got a chance to spend some time on our property. 5 days, 4 nights on 10 acres of peaceful, wooded land that has great views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range. IMG_4440 (2)

We had a great time, relaxing and enjoying the property.IMG_1810 (2)


Some friends strolled by each morning and evening!



The sunsets were great !!!!




Beautiful skies in Westcliffe, CO.







St. Elmo/ Cottonwood Lake/ Leadville, CO.


Said to be Colorado’s best preserved ghost towns, St. Elmo lies in the heart of the Sawatch Range, sitting at an elevation of 9,961 ft. We walked around, feeling what it might have been like to live here over 130 years ago.

IMG_1676 (2)IMG_1671 (3)

 The dirt road that led us to St. Elmo was a beautiful drive.

IMG_1654 (2)

IMG_1689 (3)

Cottonwood Lake is one of our favorite spots to go fishing. We didn’t have any luck while there, but still enjoyed the fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery.


Cottonwood Lake

As we drove further up the pass, we encountered lots of snow on the road. Time to turn around. (We need a Jeep)


This is as close as we got to say HI Nan!

Buena Vista, where we stayed for a week, has great views of the Sawatch Range at sunset.



Another mining town, Leadville, is the highest incorporated city in the United States, sitting at 10,200 ft. Walking around this town, we definitely felt the altitude!

IMG_1739 (2)


The Mineral Belt Trail is one of Colorado’s highest and most spectacular paved pathways. We walked a few miles of this 11.6 mile trail. The views were simply awesome!   IMG_1771


That’s incredible!

IMG_1735 (2)

Fishing on the Arkansas River, CO.

After leaving San Luis Lakes, we headed to Rincon Campground located on the banks of the  Arkansas River. We fished this trophy river for four days, having a blast, trying to catch THE BIG ONE! Lori had little luck while I caught two little trout.


Our campsite was perfect, just steps away from the river.IMG_4364


We’d like to say “HI” to the nice folks at Mosca Pit Stop. Your hometown hospitality was greatly appreciated. We think that’s what makes your place so special!

Also, I would like to share with you my first attempt to capture the night sky on film. I need to work on sharpness, still learning! The clear Colorado skies are prime for seeing the stars and milky way!IMG_1399





The Moon setting in the Western sky



Sun rising in the Eastern sky



Creede/ Lake City, CO.

We love to drive and explore areas where we’re staying. Currently, we’re at San Luis Lakes so we went to Creede and Lake City, CO. Both are really beautiful places filled with mountains, rivers, mines, forests, and incredible scenery.


The town of Creede is located near the headwaters of the Rio Grande.

IMG_1517 (2)

The headwaters of the Rio Grande River. These waters eventually flow into the Gulf of Mexico!

Known for its rich silver mines, Creede was a boomtown with more than 10,000 people during the 1800’s. Now it has just under 300 residents, giving it that small town feel.




Staying on CO 149 and traveling further west, we made it to a town called Lake City. Lake City lies at the southern end of the Colorado Mineral Belt, putting it right in a rich deposit of silver and gold. The deposit was only moderately productive so by 1905 the mining era was over. With its many outdoor recreational opportunities, tourism is Lake City’s main industry today.  Fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, mountain biking and horseback riding are just a few things to do here. The mines are also interesting to check out too!IMG_1581

Lake City was one of my Mom’s favorite places.  Now we know why!


IMG_1555 (2)


Interestingly enough, about 800 years ago, a slow-moving landslide called an earthflow moved down into the valley. The result was a dam, creating beautiful Lake San Cristobal that sits just outside Lake City.

IMG_2845 (2)

Lake San Cristobal, Lake City Colorado


Behind us is the where the earthflow began. By the way, it’s STILL MOVING!


The mines in this area are interesting. You can walk around and through them. 


We had a great day exploring these two little towns. The slow-paced lifestyle here was refreshing. A return visit is a must.