Arizona Missions

San Xavier del Bac is a historic Spanish Catholic mission founded in 1692 by Padre Eusebio Kino. Located along the banks of the Santa Cruz river, it’s the oldest European structure in Arizona.IMG_3723

The floor plan of the church resembles the classic Latin cross.


The dome rises 52 ft supported by arches.IMG_3704

San Xavier del Bac is considered by many to be the finest example of Spanish mission architecture in the United States.

Mission San Jose de Tumacacori is a Franciscan mission built in the late 18th century.IMG_3909 (2)

This mission was founded by the same missionary who started San Xavier del Bac, Padre Eusebio Kino. He spent 24 years in this area establishing missions and supply routes for New Spain.IMG_3922

First erected in 1757, the church resembles the architectural style of Spanish Colonial.IMG_3928


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Bisbee/Douglas, AZ.

 Jumping in the car and taking off for the day leads us to some really cool places. Bisbee, AZ. is one of those places! In 2016, it was named best historic small town by USA Today. Copper, gold and silver mining started this boomtown back in 1880. Brewery Gulch was home to over 50 saloons and notorious brothels were just down the street. IMG_3773

Walking around the town was interesting. The way it’s tucked into the mountain, Bisbee reminded us of a cross between Cripple Creek and Manitou Springs in Colorado.

IMG_3818 (6)

Douglas, AZ. is located right at the Mexico border. Its start began as an American smelter town, treating the copper ore sent down from Bisbee.


Among its solid marble staircase and 42 ft. Tiffany stained glass murals, The Gadsen Hotel, built in 1907, is a showcase of extravagance for its time.


Legend has it that Pancho Villa once rode his horse up the marble staircase to get a better view of his opposing forces. The 7th stair still has a chip in it from his horse’s hoof. IMG_3755





Hiking in Arizona

We met up with a friend for a wonderful day of hiking. The Peralta Canyon Trail, located in Tonto National Forest, is a 5 mile one way moderate/strenuous hike up a canyon with beautiful views. It was well worth the effort and we had fun hiking with Vince. (How’s your knee, Vince? )



Top of Peralta Canyon Trail.

IMG_3626 (2)

 While staying in Benson, AZ., our choice for a hike was the Cochise Indian Trail in the Coronado National Forest. The Dragoon Mountains, where Cochise Stronghold is located, supplied the backdrop for this challenging 6 mile round trip hike. The sheer cliffs were once used as both  lookout points and refuge to Cochise and his people. Cochise is said to be buried somewhere in these granite domes.



 This is a place where you can imagine how its past inhabitants from long ago  endured, living and surviving in this incredible land.


“I am alone in the world, I want to live in these mountains… I have drunk of the waters of the Dragoon Mountains and they have cooled me, I do not want to leave here” — Chief Cochise