We’re Back !!!!

Congratulations Chad and Erin ! Your wedding in Chicago was amazing. It was great spending time with family and friends.


Now we’re back in Oregon, excited to start exploring the area. We started by driving to the coast to check out the seaside town of Cannon Beach. The coast is beautiful and the water was very chilly. This is the first time Lori had been to the Pacific Ocean.

We spent a couple of hours in Portland. I’m sure we missed a lot of cool places to see, so a return trip is in our future.

We also had dinner and drinks with friends.


Lyons Ferry/ Starbuck/ Dayton, WA.


Lyons Ferry was the site of a ferry crossing in 1860. Spanning the Snake River, the bridge was opened for business in 1968, leaving the ferry sinking in the mud on the banks of the river. There’s also a beautiful 3500 ft rail bridge 180 ft above the river.

¬†Starbuck,Wa. is a tiny little town located just south of Lyons Ferry. In the early 1900’s a jail break and murder of the Sherriff resulted in a large manhunt. The jail, with its bent window bars where the gun was smuggled to the prisoner, is still there.

Palouse Falls is a 198 ft waterfall formed during the last ice age 15,000 years ago. You could spend all day exploring and taking in the amazing views!

 Dayton, WA. is a picturesque farming community with restaurants, shops, museums, and historic homes.

While in Dayton, we stopped in Chief Springs Brew Pub for a delicious lunch and hand crafted beer. The best in town! Thanks Matt, your dad can make awesome beer!

As we headed out of town, we stopped at Lewis and Clark encampment . The steel silhouettes bring to life what the men and women might have been doing while camped there May 2, 1806.

Stevensville, MT.

Hanging out here in Montana for awhile. We’re having fun riding 4 wheelers and seeing the area. With it being Labor Day weekend, we have a lot of fun things planned.

While here, we drove to Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park. It’s one of the largest know limestone caverns in the Northwest.

We just love the how quick you can be up in the mountains from the valley. Just a short ride and your surrounded by beauty.